Selected project examples

Developing Waste Management Systems for Priority Areas in Peru

Developing Waste Management Systems for Priority Areas in Peru

The program comprised 31 subprojects and had the objective to improve the environmental quality in these areas through effective waste management. Fichtner Water & Transportation elaborated the corresponding studies and technical documents and supervised their implementation.

The components included public waste containers and street cleaning, waste collection and transport, waste recycling, waste disposal, technical, administrative and financial waste management, promotion of best practices among the beneficiary population in the individual municipalities.

Fichtner services

  • Baseline investigations
  • Economic/financial study
  • Socio-economic study
  • Tariff study
  • Transportation study
  • Topographic survey
  • Subsoil investigation
  • Geotechnical calculations
  • Geographic information system (GIS)
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Site selection
  • Official approval procedures
  • Final design
  • Construction supervision
  • Public/community relations
  • Workshops

Technical data

  • Project sites: Huamanga, San Juan Bautista, Andahuaylas, Chancay, Bagua, Oxapampa, Yauyos, Pozuzo
  • Beneficiary population: 507,000 (2014) and 684,000 (2024)
  • Amounts of treated waste: 400 t/day (2014) and 590 t/day (2024)
  • Number of planned sanitary landfills: 8 (2 equipped with heavy machinery for more than 40 t/day; 3 medium-sized landfills with lighter machinery for amounts between 16 and 40 t/day; 3 small manual sanitary landfills without machinery for less than 16 t/day)
  • Number of recycling plants: 7 plants for the separation of recyclable inorganic waste and 7 for the treatment of organic waste.


Ministerio del Ambiente - U.E 003 Gestión Integral de la Calidad Ambiental, Lima, Peru