Fichtner Water & Transportation employees are in demand as authors and speakers. There follows a selection of our staff's publications and presentations.

Year Author/Year Publication date
2018 The influence of road surface texture on the skid resistance under wet conditions
– Kienle, R. | Ressel, W. | Götz, T. | Weise, M.
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part J: Journal of Engineering Tribology
2016 How well can you know your own mind?
– Beck, M. | Johnson, C.
2016 Water Treatment Artana Mine | Kosovo
– Linder, N. | Mackenbach, M. | Novak, J.
IMWA Aachen
2010 Solar Sludge Drying in Managua/Nicaragua
– Meyer-Scharenberg, Dr. U. | Pöppke, M.
Water and Waste | 01/2010
2009 Wastewater Reuse in Riyadh, an Integrated Approach
– Deeken, L. | Al-Dukair, Adnan S.
Published: Water and Waste 2009