Hydraulic Engineering

At Fichtner Water & Transportation, we draw on a wealth of experience in planning and managing hydraulic engineering construction projects, when developing solutions for various needs in this field. Our portfolio ranges from flood control facilities and water development projects to waterway engineering and coastal protection.

We have a focus on the planning of individual inland water structures, and of structures next to bodies of water affected by tidal movement, such as dams, locks, dikes and dike locks. Using our extensive know-how in geotechnics, hydrology and hydraulics, the facilities are built to full functionality while minimising their environmental impact.

When designing and constructing hydropower plants, our engineers design the plants, including the ascertainment of the amount of water that can pass through the turbines of a run-of-river power plant and determining the optimum dimensions of the reservoirs, with a view to the amount of water available and potential energy output.

The renaturation of areas in the proximity of water bodies, and the expansion and conversion of existing harbours require extensive earth works along with dry installation and wet installation of suitable materials. We provide a full range of services for stability calculations, installation procedures and supervision of this work.

We are one of Germany's leading firms in the planning of fish ladders, and in projects in accordance with the EU Water Framework Directive.

We work in the following branches in hydraulic engineering:

  • Waterway engineering and structural hydraulic engineering
    • Waterway expansion
    • Outer harbours
    • Locks
    • Weirs
    • Storage dams
    • Hydropower plants
    • Reservoirs
    • Fish ladders
    • Fish protection systems
  • River basin management and near-to-nature hydraulic engineering
    • Hydrological modelling
    • Hydraulic calculations (1D and 2D)
    • Flood control concepts
    • Water management concepts
    • Structural water quality mapping
    • River and water body expansion planning
    • Renaturation and development of water bodies
    • Ecological improvement
  • Coastal protection and flood control
    • Dikes and flood control dams
    • Barriers and dike locks
    • Flood retention basins
    • Mobile flood control systems
    • Breakwaters
  • Harbour construction
    • Mooring spaces
    • Harbour entrances
    • Technical infrastructure facilities
    • Marinas
    • Piers
    • Floor and slope reinforcement
    • Crater protection
  • Dredging
    • Land raising and beach nourishment
    • Desilting
    • Bottom excavation
    • Harbour basin backfilling
    • Recycling of excavated rock and soil
    • Soil management

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