Structural Engineering

We have successfully carried out innumerable structural engineering projects. Our aim is to develop optimised support structures, from preliminary planning to a draft of the overall structure, and all the way to the details. We place a strong emphasis on economic specifications for construction and subsequent use of the finished structure is taken into account in the structural analysis.

Structural hydraulic engineering is one of our focuses. We have expertise in hydro-engineering conditions, alteration, retrofitting and enlargement of existing facilities, difficult geological conditions, and exceptionally high technical demands on the structures and their foundations.

We work in the following branches of structural engineering:

  • Structural planning
    • Wharves
    • Locks
    • Bank walls
    • Dams
    • Cooling water structures
    • Pumping stations
  • Civil engineering structures
    • Foundations
    • Foundation pits and cofferdams
    • Bridges and tunnels
    • Steel and solid construction
    • Structural support measures
  • Final planning
    • Structural analyses
    • Shell and reinforcement plans
    • Final designs for steel construction
    • Preparation and support for contract award

Your contact for structural engineering: