Integrated Management System

We take pride in the high quality standards of our services.

Careful selection of staff, along with internal and external advanced training and active involvement in professional associations and institutions, form the pillars of our services. There are specifically adapted quality assurance measures for each individual project. These are implemented according to the applicable quality assurance concepts.

We have continuously developed and improved our quality management system, and jointly expanded it into an Integrated Management System for compliance, quality, occupational safety and environmental protection in the Fichtner Group.

The externally certified Integrated Management System that we have adopted fulfills, alongside the process-oriented approach of the ISO 9001 quality standard, also the requirements of ISO 14001 for environmental protection, and of ISO45001 for occupational health and safety. The Compliance Management System follows ISO 37301.

Adherence to and constant improvement of the high standards will continue to be ensured by feedback from our day-to-day work and routine internal auditing. The result of these endeavors has been re-award on a regular basis of our quality certificate, on the basis of renewed checks conducted by independent external auditors.