Planning Services for Implementation of Projects

The services offered by Fichtner Water & Transportation comprise all of the essential planning and advisory services required to build and operate structures and facilities across our business segments. We take on the task of project management and, as needed, coordinate other companies involved in planning, as project controllers, and synchronise the interfaces.

  • Project preparation

    We provide all planning services for construction and subsequent operation of structures and facilities. Based on your project ideas, we prepare a draft concept and examine the options for implementation.

    Our range of services during this project phase:
    • Inventories and baseline investigations
    • Facility and project conception
    • Analysis of local conditions
    • Feasibility studies
    • Transport development concepts
    • Surveying
    • GIS - Geographic Information Systems, geodatabases
    • BIM – Building Information Modelling
    • Preliminary planning
    • Financial and technical analyses and tests
    • Due diligence
    • Reserve calculation based on JORC (mining)
  • Planning and contract awards

    When preparing the rough draft of the project, we determine the major contents of the project in consultation with the client. We prepare approval planning and support our client throughout the approval process. The final planning includes the invitation to tender for contracts to be awarded in lots, or for an award to one general contractor. We support the tendering and contract awarding process, and establish the foundation for timely completion of the project in accordance with the specified quality standards and costs.

    Our range of services during this project phase:

    • BIM – Building Information Modelling
    • Preliminary design
    • Approval planning and support for the process (planning assessment and environmental compatibility)
    • Final design
    • Surveying during planning and construction
    • Subsoil consultation (with dedicated lab)
    • Facility and product specifications
    • Mass and cost estimates
    • Preparation of tender documents
    • Assistance with requests for quotes/tenders
    • Bid evaluation and comparisons
    • Support during the tendering and contract award
    • Assistance with setting up contracts
    • Development planning
    • Coordinated supply planning
    • GIS - Geographic Information Systems, geodatabases
  • Project execution

    Besides project management, we also carry out all the typical tasks involved in construction supervision, such as schedule monitoring, cost monitoring and monitoring of construction and assembly work, along with quality assurance while your project is being executed. After your plant has been built, we provide support during start-up and test operation.

    Our range of services during this project phase:

    • BIM – Building Information Modelling
    • Construction direction and local construction supervision
    • Geotechnic support with a dedicated lab
    • Health and safety coordination (SiGeKo)
    • Inspection of technical execution and quality assurance
    • Design reviews
    • Support during factory approval procedures and approval testing
    • Coordination of commissioning
    • Supervision of start-up and test operation
    • Verification of plant performance
    • Construction and project documentation
    • Warranty management support
    • Support for operations management and optimisation
    • GIS - Geographic Information Systems, geodatabases