Traffic and Transport

Satisfying the increasingly complex need for mobility is one of the challenges of our time, which we encounter with integrated concepts. To this end, our experts prepare traffic and transport plans that aim at meeting the needs of all road and transport users.

We execute all elements of traffic infrastructure planning, ranging from initial sketches all the way to actual construction. Our portfolio comprises all classified road types, roads and junctions within the city limits, development planning, cycling paths as well as urban railway track systems.

Furthermore, we also take into account the environmental effects of traffic, such as noise and air pollutants, in our projects. Preserving or enhancing the quality of life for people is part of our work in the context of expert opinions, studies and construction planning.

The interdisciplinary collaboration between our engineers and experts sets us apart from other companies. We are thus in a position to successfully handle projects involving complex development situations, as a team consisting of traffic planners, water and sewage experts and environmental engineers, providing our clients with one-stop service.

  • We work in the following branches in traffic and transport:
    • Traffic planning
    • Traffic engineering
    • Traffic facilities planning (road and rail)
    • Development planning
    • Maintenance planning
    • Transport and mobility concepts
    • Local public transport concepts
    • Municipal planning and regional planning
    • Noise and air pollutants

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