Water Supply and Sanitation

For decades, we have been a reliable partner for our clients in the diverse fields of work associated with water supply and sanitation. In addition to preparing superordinate studies and master plans, our experts render all of the engineering services for the individual components and trades related to water supply and sewage disposal.

In the area of water supply, we design and plan all the systems for water abstraction, water treatment plants and water supply networks, and supervise the execution of these projects – ranging from decentralised well projects for rural water supply all the way to complex water treatment plants and systems for cities with a population of a million or more. Our projects often include the dimensioning of pumping stations and large long-distance water transmission pipelines.

We have also acquired extensive experience in the rehabilitation and expansion of existing networks. We have designed OPTNET, a tool which can be used for operation, rehabilitation and long-term strategic asset management and, thus, to additionally achieve a reduction of water loss.

  • We work in the following branches of water supply:
    • Integrated water resource management
    • Hydrogeological issues
    • Water procurement and treatment
    • Pumping stations and long-distance water transmission pipelines
    • Water storage
    • Water distribution and supply networks
    • Network optimisation with OPTNET

In the area of sewage disposal, our engineers plan complex sewage systems of all scales. We have extensive know-how in community and industrial sewage treatment, and plan sewage treatment plants to meet virtually all technical demands in terms of treatment performance.

Sewage recycling is becoming increasingly important worldwide, a factor which we take into account in our planning. Based on our extensive expertise, we also advise our customers with regard to changes needed in their corporate structure, and on how to reinforce their administrative units.

  • We work in the following branches of sewage disposal:
    • Sewage removal and general drainage plans
    • Sewage systems incl. hydrodynamic calculations
    • Pollution load calculation
    • Storm water retention and treatment
    • Sewage and sludge treatment plants
    • Sewage recycling
    • Process engineering
    • Operational optimisation

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