Selected project examples

External Monitoring and Geotechnical Consultation for the Sludge Disposal Sites at Francop and Feldhofe in Hamburg, Germany


In order to ensure the smooth operation of shipping traffic in the area of the Elbe and the port of Hamburg it is necessary to always have sufficient depth of water. For this purpose, the settling sludge has to be excavated permanently. The dredged sludge is then stored in one of the two sludge disposal sites at Francop and Feldhofe. A part of the dredged sludge is treated at the dredged material treatment plant METHA, dried and then deposited as dry material. For compliance with all requirements of environmental protection and to ensure the structural safety of the disposal site body, defined operational procedures have to be followed which will then be monitored by a third party. Within the framework of quality assurance, Fichtner Water & Transportation was charged with the external monitoring during construction

Fichtner services

  • External monitoring earthwork
  • Geotechnical consultations
  • Testing the materials supplied by external sources (filter gravel, covering soils)
  • Interpretation of the results
  • Sampling for analysis and drilling supervision
  • Implementation of comprehensive soil mechanical laboratory tests at the in-house laboratory as well as on-site field trials
  • Geotechnical monitoring of the flushing fields Moorburg-Mitte, Moorburg-Ost, Ellerholz, Francop conduit and intermediate depot Finkenwerder Sand with sampling, classification and control tests at the in-house laboratories

Technical data

  • Annual disposal volume approx. 600,000 t
  • Maximum height of disposal 38 m
  • Disposal areas: Francop 95 ha, Feldhofe 80 ha


Hamburg Port Authority AöR, Hamburg, Germany