Selected project examples

New Weir and Hydropower Plant at Rheinfelden, Germany

New Weir and Hydropower Plant at Rheinfelden, Germany

The new run-of-the-river power station and the weir replace the hydropower plant in Rheinfelden on the Upper Rhine, which is over one hundred years old. The energy supplier Energiedienst AG charged an engineering association managed by Fichtner Water & Transportation with the design and project planning for the construction of the weir and the power house, the deepening of the Rhine, the dismantling of the old power house as well as for ecological compensation measures.

Fichtner services

  • Civil engineering structures
  • Transportation facilities
  • Structural engineering
  • Construction supervision
  • Final handing-over, start-up operation
  • Co-ordinated planning of utility lines

Technical data

  • 7 weir openings of 24.50 m each
  • Damming height: ca. 5 m
  • Design discharge: Q1000 = 5,400 m³/s
  • Length of the fish pass ca. 300 m
  • Total output power plant: 100 MW
  • 4 Kaplan bulb turbines
  • Volume of developed water: 1,500 m³/s
  • Average penstock: 8.5 m
  • Average yearly production: 600 GWh


Energiedienst AG, Rheinfelden, Germany