Selected project examples

Construction of the 5th lock at Brunsbüttel, Germany

Construction of the 5th lock at Brunsbüttel, Germany

After a service life of over 90, it was necessary to overhaul the large lock at Brunsbüttel providing access to the Kiel Canal. The insular situation of the construction site is a particular challenge as well as the fact that the lock is a part of the first line of dikes so that the protection against offshore floods was of great importance.

The size of the chamber was dimensioned in order to allow for large seagoing vessels to pass into the Baltic region. In special cases, the lock is navigable up to a width of approx. 44 m and an aft draught of up to 11 m. The flood-gates were designed so that it is possible to navigate over them.

The task further included the adjustment of the outer harbour, the modification and extension of mole 2 and of the piers on the Elbe and the canal and the required ground storages.

Fichtner services

  • Project and structural engineering (final design)
  • Geotechnical consultation
  • Structural engineering (detailed engineering design, official approval procedure, final design)
  • Solid construction upper beds, excavation pit upper beds inland, sheet pile wall including anchorage and pile mooring in the outer harbour, deep foundation and chamber superstructure
  • Project and structural engineering (baseline investigations, preliminary design, detailed engineering design and official approval procedure had been carried out by our employees in their former positions)

Technical data

  • Chamber length about 360 m
  • Chamber width about 45 m
  • Aft draught up to 11 m
  • 1.6 million m³ of soil were moved during construction


ARGE Neubau 5. Schleusenkammer Brunsbüttel, Brunsbüttel, Germany